Health Insurance

Before arriving in Chile, we advise students to consult their university on health insurance policy and to talk with their health insurance company in order to find out which providers are in the city and how they can manage payment for the medical services they may need.
If the insurance company has an agreement with a local health care provider, it is possible that students will be able to simply present their health insurance card and not pay for an appointment. However, in the vast majority of cases, students must pay all costs upfront and later request a reimbursement from their insurance company. Because of this, students must obtain an invoice and should request one at the end of each appointment. 

What to do in the case of illness

In the case of illness or medical emergency, students should notify the Resident Director who will arrange an appointment.

Below is a list of clinics and hospitals with doctors and dentists that speak English. 

Clinica Las Condes

Clinica Alemana

Clinica Indisa