The Final Research Project is an individual project through which the students can reflect personally on their study abroad experience and explore certain themes in more depth.

The project has two parts—a final presentation and a final essay. Throughout the semester, the students will write journal entries no less than once a week, which record their thoughts over the course of that week. For these journal entries, the students can reflect on a topic from class, a personal experience, a cultural encounter, or one of the ProSeminar.

For the end of the semester, each student will write a final essay no less than three pages and present their project
. This essay will explore in more depth one of the journal entries or ProSeminars based on their own observations and experience.


  1. Enhance the overall study abroad experience
  2. Deepen student-knowledge in the selected topic
  3. Leverage the students’ time abroad to help them gain a better understanding of their own country and compare it with Chile
  4. Increase immersion in the local community
  5. Begin a research project that could continue upon the student’s return to their home institution

Themes/Possible Ideas

  • Reflect on an internship or volunteer experience
  • Compare and contrast Chile and the US based on your experiences
  • Relate your experience with your larger studies/interests
  • Another topic chosen by the student